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Asif Nawaj Khan

Welcome to AsifnKhan.com

I am your host Asif Nawaj Khan, an IT undergraduate from India. This blog is my not-so-personal personal tech blog. :D

It’s just that I like to write about technical stuffs. I am fascinated by mobile computing but that doesn’t mean this is a tech blog. I don’t post any reviews about gadgets or anything like that. I only share what I find interesting all over the internet and those are all my personal opinions.

If you are mesmerized by my writing and want to get in touch then contact me using the info listed here. But if you didn’t like what I did there and have something bad to say then still you gotta use the contact form, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Honestly, I am not sure about that ASAP thing, it’s just to make you do it.

Have a great day or night, depends on your timezone.

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5 Websites to Download Torrents using IDM

Torrent is the widely used and most popular method to share and download files in this generation. Generally, a torrent file is a computer file that contains the information about files and folders to be downloaded with a list of the network locations of trackers and the files to be downloaded.

5 Things to Consider before Purchasing a Smartphone

I still remember those days when I got my first mobile phone of Reliance India Mobile; few years ago, Reliance Telecom brings revolution in the field of Telecom Industries in India, Then after we are getting various models and services in the field of communication.

OLX Mobile App now available for iPhone and iPad

OLX is one of the most popular classified website in India, thanks to their tempting and attractive commercials on television and all over the internet. OLX has now become a trademark that if someone wants to sell any used item or want to buy anything, is suggested to visit OLX.

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